Monday, August 11, 2008

Polar Opposites

So tonight was open house/meet-the-teacher night for school (which starts tomorrow). DD is starting 1st grade and thoroughly excited (although understandably a bit nervous as well) while DS is quite put out that he has to return to school. Being the oldest at school by being in 5th grade this year holds no interest for him as he has no enthusiasm for school whatsoever. DD, on the other hand, is his polar opposite.....when finding out that she would have 3 recesses for the first few weeks of school before settling into a routine of two recesses for the rest of the school year, she informed me, "But, Mom, I'd really rather take another math test instead of having another recess." And she was dead serious. She even clapped when she found out she'd have a spelling test EVERY week. I'm still not sure how I birthed two so totally opposite children.....

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