Saturday, August 23, 2008

It Has Begun!

Well, it has finally started! DH and I are in the midst of putting in the hardwood flooring. Yea!!!! We have 20 rows of flooring fastened down....only about 54 more to go to finish the dining room. Here is a picture of the first 5 rows installed:
I have no idea how many rows it will take for the hallway after that, but at least those are short rows of only 3 feet in width as compared to the rows that are 14 feet in width that we are doing now. There is finally light at the end of this tunnel! The worst part about this part of the project is figuring out where each piece's like a huge puzzle. Since we have a limited supply of boards, we have to lay out the pieces in such a manner as to cut as little off as possible to waste as little as possible. Plus, we have to lay them out so that the joints don't all land in the same locations and so that it looks nicely laid out with randomness....we don't want any inadvertent patterns (such as diagonals, etc.) to show up in the floor. Doing this with wood that has already been cut and laid out in another location is much more difficult than if we were to just open a new box of boards and start laying them out. The time that takes is the most frustrating part right now. Actually nailing them down doesn't take very long at all. And let me tell you, DH is absolutely loving using the pneumatic nailer! He's like a little boy at Christmas with a new toy....reminds me very much of DS when he gets a new toy to play with!
I'm just so excited that this part has finally started so I know that the end is in sight and things will hopefully soon be back to normal at my house (well, as normal as they ever get!)! Yea!!

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