Wednesday, October 29, 2008

If At First You Don't Succeed....

Yesterday my children's school hosted the delayed awards convocation (see previous entry from Monday, October 20th to see why it was delayed). So DH and I went to the school that morning to attend as we knew both DS & DD had made the A/B Honor Roll and would be receiving their certificates. I must say that the staff at the school is getting lots of practice at improvising and dealing with problematic circumstances that arise that are beyond their control. When DH & I arrived at the school we discovered that the set-up for the convo was much different than usual. Usually they have everyone seated in the gym/cafeteria combo with huge folding doors opened up to be able to accommodate everyone. Everyone is then seated facing the stage that's at one end of the room, which is where the kids go up to receive their awards. Well, yesterday was different in that one of the doors was stuck in the closed position. This meant that no matter how they seated everyone the stage would not be visible to at least half of the audience (the whole room is packed full by the time all of the parents, staff, and students are all seated in there). So they improvised. They had everyone seated so they faced sideways to the usual way (so there were people on both sides of the closed folding door...but at least this way it was effectively at the back of the audience rather than in the middle of the audience) and had the kids who were receiving awards walk to the new relative "front" of the room to receive their awards rather than up onto the stage. Although this made it more difficult to see the kids receiving their awards, it was better than having to reschedule the awards convo yet again (and waiting to see what could go wrong a third time!). And thanks to a good telephoto lens on my camera, I should have some good shots of DS & DD as they received their awards. Oh, and they not only received the A/B Honor Roll Award. Another award given at the end of each grading period is the given to 2 kids in each class (and the general rule is that a child can only receive it once each school year) who show good citizenship, have good attitudes in and out of the classroom, are good examples to other students, are helpful to others, and such. Both DS and DD received the Principal's Award! I am so proud of both of them! They have both worked very hard this school year so far and done very well, both with their schoolwork and doing well in the social and behavior aspects of school. Now hopefully they will both keep up the great work they have been doing so far and will make the honor roll again for the next grading period. And I'm sure the staff at the school is hoping that the next awards convo goes much more smoothly than this one did!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Can You Hear Me Now?

When the lights go out, do you need to talk louder in order to be heard clearly? Well, according to about 700 elementary students, the answer is a resounding YES! This morning was scheduled to be the awards convocation for my children's elementary school (they hold an awards convo at the end of each 9-weeks grading period to honor the kids who made A/B Honor Roll as well as a few other awards). DH & I went over to watch the convo this morning as both DS & DD made the A/B Honor Roll this 9-weeks. About 15 minutes before the convo starts, they start bringing the kids into the gym to get seated (the kids sit on the floor, the teachers wheel their chairs in to sit on, and they have folding chairs set up for the parents to sit on). This usually happens in a fairly orderly, yet somewhat noisy, fashion as the kids get situated. I've always been fairly impressed with how well the kids behave and how quiet they usually are throughout the entire convo each time I've attended over the past 5+ years that DS has attended this school. Well, this morning showed a different side to these children when something unexpected happened just as the last kids were being seated. What happened? The electricity went out! And yes, this made the gym (with no windows to the exterior of the building) virtually pitch-black. Immediately, kids screamed.....700 of them! The teachers were able to get them quiet amazingly quickly by doing a clapping rhythm they do at the beginning of every convo that indicates it's time to be quiet (the teachers/faculty start the clapping and the kids all join in until everyone is doing the same rhythm). Once it had been announced by the vice principal (the principal was not at school today) that the electricity had gone out and that the students needed to stay put until they figured out what they were going to do about the convo, that's when it got LOUD. Before, when the kids had been talking, it had been a dull roar. At this point, it became painfully loud. I had to chuckle when DH commented that the kids "seized the opportunity to disregard all personal responsibility for orderly conduct as soon as the lights went out." Although I was unable to see how DD's class was behaving as they were seated clear across the gym from us and it was completely dark, DS's class was seated directly next to us. I pointed out to DH that DS's class, in contrast to the vast majority, was sitting politely, quietly, and very well-behaved. So kudos to Mrs. B for teaching her class well enough that they were behaving properly even with the lights out!

So what happened with the rest of the awards convo, you may be wondering? Well, after contacting the electric company and being told that the electricity wouldn't come back on for about another 1 1/2 hours, they dismissed the classes (which went off well, considering it was done in the dark!) back to their classrooms and told the parents that the convo will be rescheduled for another day. Of course, no sooner had all the kids returned to their classrooms and most of the parents left the school building.......then the electricity came back on! Hopefully the rescheduled convo will go much more smoothly than today's attempt. Nothing like a little excitement to start off a Monday is never dull!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Game of Blog Tag

So it seems I've been tagged by my friend Mindy to play a game of "What's in your purse?" I'm supposed to list the contents of my purse on my blog and then tag others to do the same. Well here goes:
  • keys (to the car, van, truck, our house, my parents' house, mother-in-law's house)
  • cell phone
  • wallet (and all of its contents...driver's license, credit card, bit of cash, pics of my kids, some receipts, library cards for me & kids, etc)
  • sunglasses
  • disposable camera (forgot that was still in there!)
  • pocket calendar so I know when I'm supposed to be where 'cause my brain won't keep track of it all
  • 2 pens
  • breath mints
  • Care Bear fruit snacks
  • Disney Princess fruit snacks
  • Yogos (watermelon flavor)
  • ticket stubs from the Cincinnati Zoo (from our family vacation back in July!----gotta clean this purse out more often!)
  • small packet with 2 needles & 9 different colors of thread for emergency clothing repairs
  • small tube of hand lotion
  • Neo To Go Neosporin antiseptic spray
  • multitude of various sizes/styles band-aids
  • 2 ponytail elastics
  • Benadryl Itch Relief Stick for bug bites
  • small bottle of hand sanitizer
  • ziplock baggie of baby wipes
  • Chapstick (cherry flavor)
  • prescription bottle filled with my migraine medication (never go anywhere without it!)
  • 3 Starburst candies
  • 2 wire nuts (these things go on the ends of wires to connect them when putting in light fixtures & other such stuff....these are in there thanks to DH who needed them for a project at his mom's house and then they evidently got lost in the bottomless pit of my purse....think I can take them out now!)
OK, so that's what's all in my purse.....scary, eh? So since most of my friends still don't blog, I'll tag some of my emailing friends: Jill, Mandy, & Mom......and add a little twist: What's the strangest thing in your purse? Can you top the wire nuts? You've been're it!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Improved Vision Is A Good Thing!

Well, DD got her new glasses today! She is quite glad that she only has to wear them for reading, playing piano (to see the music), doing things on the computer, and such....she doesn't have to wear them all of the time. These are the cute pink glasses she picked out:
They have the Barbie logo on the side. She was really thrilled with the glasses case that came with them:
Nothing like a little pink purse to carry your glasses in! I must say it really helped with her acceptance of the fact that she is going to have to wear glasses.....she'll be quite stylish! And DS was quite the good, sweet big brother and told DD how cute she looked while wearing her new glasses......he said, "You'll look really cute in those while you are reading." I was really proud of him! And he sure made his sister smile! When we got home after picking up the glasses, DD immediately went over to the piano, telling me she was going to do her practicing. She proceeded to open up her pink case, put on her new glasses, and play away at the piano without having to squint to see the music. She was quite happy about how easy it was to see the notes. Now hopefully the adjustment to wearing them at school goes just as well.

Saturday, October 4, 2008


It seems we're creating a family of math-heads here. When DS was little....around 2 years old....he taught himself how to add and subtract using M&Ms candies. We never explained the concept to him but one day he said to me (while eating a handful of M&Ms as a dessert after lunch), "Momma, if I have four M&Ms and eat two of them, I will only have two left." After receiving confirmation from me that he was correct he then told me, "If I have three M&Ms and you give me two more, I will have five." (He then proceeded to eat enough of his M&Ms to only have three left, then asked if I would give him two more to make the five! Gotta love how kids think!) So that was around 8 years ago. Fast forward to today's conversation with DD who is now 6 and in first grade. They have been working with addition and subtraction basics in her class. With an older brother who is taking advanced math and a Dad who is currently studying abstract algebra while working on his master's degree, DD has evidently overheard some upper-level math discussions at our house. She was reading a cookbook to me today (she wanted to practice her reading out-loud skills and that is what she chose to read to me for some reason). On one ingredient list it stated "1 - 6 oz bag of cashews," meaning that it required one bag of cashews in the 6-ounce size. DD did not understand that and read it as "one minus six Oz (as in "The Wizard of Oz") bag of cashews" with a very puzzled look on her face. She then looked at me and said, "Wouldn't one minus six be like negative five or something, Mom? How can there be negative something in a recipe?" After a stunned moment of silence on my part, I did explain what the recipe meant and also that yes, she was correct in her math of 1 minus 6 equaling negative 5. It's a good thing DH is studying graduate-level math.....with these two kids, we're going to need that knowledge sooner rather than later.