Sunday, May 31, 2009

Never Take Your Eyes Off Of Them....

Friday we had friends over for dinner. So DS & DD had K1 & K2 to play with that evening (K1 is 8, K2 is 2). Most of the time K2 played on his own, although he did join in with the older kids from time to time. So most of the playtime was spent with DS, DD, and K1 playing together. After dinner, while us grown-ups were visiting in the family room, the 3 kids went upstairs to play. Now they are old enough that one would think you don't need to constantly watch them. A lot of giggling was being heard. A lot. I knew they had been playing with a toy that is basically yarn coated in wax, but I could not imagine how it was causing so much giggling. So when we went to see what they were up to, this is what we found:Then we opened the door to the room they were hiding in....and this what happens when two girls gang up on one boy (in case you can't tell, that's a WHOLE roll of masking tape used to bind up his feet and hands):Needless to say they had been having a lot of fun! And this is why you never take your eyes off of them, no matter how old they are.....

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The End of An Era

Today was the last day of the school year for DD & DS. It was an exciting day, yet a touch sad as well. Today was the last day of 5th grade, and thus the last day of elementary school, for DS. He has been at this school for 6 years.....Kindergarten all the way through 5th Grade. It's hard to believe I have a middle-schooler for a child! Surely it was just yesterday that DS was toddling off with his toy tools, mimicing DH as they worked around the house. Now he's old enough to use real tools all on his own to build/fix things. While I am excited for this new phase of his childhood (what little of it is left!), I am also sad to be finished with this phase of it with him. It also marks the last time DS & DD will be in the same school building, ever. By the time she reaches this point in her school career, DS will be a Freshman in high school!! To think of it that way really makes this all sink in even more.

At school, to celebrate the 5th-graders' achievements, they had them all stand up on stage in front of everyone at school (during the awards ceremony) to be applauded. Then at the end of the school day they had all the other students line the main hallway to applaud the 5th-graders as they left the building for the final time as students of this school. So DS has "left the building," moving from elementary into a new stage, middle school.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Watch It Wiggle....

I had an interesting "job" to do this week. On Sunday (Mother's Day no less!) I spent the afternoon making Jell-O brains. Yes, you read that correctly....brains made from Jell-O. Oh, the things we will do for our children! The brains were for DS' class at school. They are studying brains this week. Since today was the day I needed to bring them in to school, I made them on Sunday so I would have time to re-do them in case something went wrong with them. Luckily they turned out correctly on the first try. So for the past two days my fridge has been filled with "brains!"When I took them in to school today, the kids were highly amused. They used the Jell-O brains to be able to see in 3-D what the brain looks like (without having to have a "real" brain to look at.....a few of the kids were having enough problems with the Jell-O ones!).After studying the model brains, they were given the chance to then eat the brains as a snack. Nothing like watermelon-flavored brains to start the day out right!