Thursday, October 16, 2008

Game of Blog Tag

So it seems I've been tagged by my friend Mindy to play a game of "What's in your purse?" I'm supposed to list the contents of my purse on my blog and then tag others to do the same. Well here goes:
  • keys (to the car, van, truck, our house, my parents' house, mother-in-law's house)
  • cell phone
  • wallet (and all of its contents...driver's license, credit card, bit of cash, pics of my kids, some receipts, library cards for me & kids, etc)
  • sunglasses
  • disposable camera (forgot that was still in there!)
  • pocket calendar so I know when I'm supposed to be where 'cause my brain won't keep track of it all
  • 2 pens
  • breath mints
  • Care Bear fruit snacks
  • Disney Princess fruit snacks
  • Yogos (watermelon flavor)
  • ticket stubs from the Cincinnati Zoo (from our family vacation back in July!----gotta clean this purse out more often!)
  • small packet with 2 needles & 9 different colors of thread for emergency clothing repairs
  • small tube of hand lotion
  • Neo To Go Neosporin antiseptic spray
  • multitude of various sizes/styles band-aids
  • 2 ponytail elastics
  • Benadryl Itch Relief Stick for bug bites
  • small bottle of hand sanitizer
  • ziplock baggie of baby wipes
  • Chapstick (cherry flavor)
  • prescription bottle filled with my migraine medication (never go anywhere without it!)
  • 3 Starburst candies
  • 2 wire nuts (these things go on the ends of wires to connect them when putting in light fixtures & other such stuff....these are in there thanks to DH who needed them for a project at his mom's house and then they evidently got lost in the bottomless pit of my purse....think I can take them out now!)
OK, so that's what's all in my purse.....scary, eh? So since most of my friends still don't blog, I'll tag some of my emailing friends: Jill, Mandy, & Mom......and add a little twist: What's the strangest thing in your purse? Can you top the wire nuts? You've been're it!

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