Wednesday, October 29, 2008

If At First You Don't Succeed....

Yesterday my children's school hosted the delayed awards convocation (see previous entry from Monday, October 20th to see why it was delayed). So DH and I went to the school that morning to attend as we knew both DS & DD had made the A/B Honor Roll and would be receiving their certificates. I must say that the staff at the school is getting lots of practice at improvising and dealing with problematic circumstances that arise that are beyond their control. When DH & I arrived at the school we discovered that the set-up for the convo was much different than usual. Usually they have everyone seated in the gym/cafeteria combo with huge folding doors opened up to be able to accommodate everyone. Everyone is then seated facing the stage that's at one end of the room, which is where the kids go up to receive their awards. Well, yesterday was different in that one of the doors was stuck in the closed position. This meant that no matter how they seated everyone the stage would not be visible to at least half of the audience (the whole room is packed full by the time all of the parents, staff, and students are all seated in there). So they improvised. They had everyone seated so they faced sideways to the usual way (so there were people on both sides of the closed folding door...but at least this way it was effectively at the back of the audience rather than in the middle of the audience) and had the kids who were receiving awards walk to the new relative "front" of the room to receive their awards rather than up onto the stage. Although this made it more difficult to see the kids receiving their awards, it was better than having to reschedule the awards convo yet again (and waiting to see what could go wrong a third time!). And thanks to a good telephoto lens on my camera, I should have some good shots of DS & DD as they received their awards. Oh, and they not only received the A/B Honor Roll Award. Another award given at the end of each grading period is the given to 2 kids in each class (and the general rule is that a child can only receive it once each school year) who show good citizenship, have good attitudes in and out of the classroom, are good examples to other students, are helpful to others, and such. Both DS and DD received the Principal's Award! I am so proud of both of them! They have both worked very hard this school year so far and done very well, both with their schoolwork and doing well in the social and behavior aspects of school. Now hopefully they will both keep up the great work they have been doing so far and will make the honor roll again for the next grading period. And I'm sure the staff at the school is hoping that the next awards convo goes much more smoothly than this one did!

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