Sunday, August 24, 2008

Half-Way There!

Woo-hoo! We are to the half-way point! It's taking a lot longer than I ever imagined to do this part and we're to the part that's even more difficult. The first many rows went from the carpeted area on the right (which had to abut smoothly & tightly into the piece that transitions from the hardwood to the carpet) over to the
kitchen cabinet on the left (where there needed to be a small expansion gap between the hardwood and the cabinet, which will be covered with a quarter-round trim piece). This meant that we had a little bit of leeway in the exactness of the length of our boards when it came to the fitting of them.
Now we are to the part that goes from the carpet on the right to the kitchen opening on the left (where there is another transition piece to step down from the hardwood to the vinyl flooring in the kitchen...which the hardwood has to fit exactly into). So the pieces have to fit exactly all the way across.....which makes the puzzle even harder to mess with figuring out, thus taking longer to put each row together. Ugh! But we are half-way done and for that I am thankful! (The picture below was taken a few rows before we reached the half-way point and a few rows before we reached the harder part.)
Both DD and DS helped with some of the work today. DD helped get some of the pieces in place using a rubber mallet. DS actually tried out the pneumatic nailer and nailed some of the boards in place.....and had just as much fun as DH did with it! My Dad was here for a little while today as well (dropping off DS from spending the weekend at their house) and got in on the action as well, using the pneumatic nailer to secure a couple of boards in place. The cats meanwhile just chilled out amongst all of the boards piled around everywhere and watched while we worked.
DH is taking the day off of work Monday so that we can get the last half of this finally finished. I can't wait to have a dining room floor again!

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