Friday, September 12, 2008

Wood Floor Is Finished!!!

OK, so they were done a week ago, but it took a few days to recover from the exhaustion enough to think straight then had to get some good pictures (and the weather wasn't cooperating for some good lighting for a couple of days) and then had to find the time to put them on here.......but IT'S DONE!! Here's what the dining room looks like (we still need to put the baseboards back up but this is the floor):
This is a closeup of the dining room floor with the heating vent that we bought and stained to match the floor (as well as the new patio doors that have a wood-clad interior that we also stained to match the floor):
This is the floor going down the hallway towards the front door:
And a closeup of the floor in the bit of hallway that goes into the playroom by the front entryway:So this part of our home improvement project is done! Yea!! I'm not even going to come close to trying to figure out how many hours we put into this the time you add up the removing of it from the old house, the installing of it, the sanding of it, the staining, the sealing of it with the poly......more hours than I care to think of (and less sleep than DH & I really needed!)! But it turned out how we wanted it to....even better than we hoped. And no complaints from the males in the house as they acquired new tools as a result of the project (even some we hadn't planned on due to running into a few snafus along the way!): jigsaw, miter saw, 2 new orbital sanders, air compressor......oh, yeah, they're happy! (And don't worry, DD hasn't been left out....I promised her a special treat this weekend for all she's had to put up with during this project and seeing as how she didn't get any tools out of the deal herself.) Now off to enjoy the floor for awhile before DH decides it's time to start the next project......


Anonymous said...

BEAUTIFUL! BEAUTIFUL! BEAUTIFUL! Now to do the tiles and paint. Can't wait to see it in person.

jill said...

The floor looks beautiful!! I'm so jealous! :)