Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Can You See Me Now?

Well, DD has to get glasses. She has been having some trouble seeing details like differentiating the notes on the staff of her piano books, a bit of trouble with reading books, etc. So off to the eye doctor we went for a check-up where it was confirmed that she needs glasses for close-up work such as reading, playing piano, and computer work. DD was quite thrilled that she will not have to wear them all of the time as her biggest concern was having to possibly give up her collection of princess sunglasses she wears outside....so she was very relieved to find out she still gets to wear those! Once she was reassured about that, she was quite into the selection of glasses process, much to the amusement of the lady assisting us at the eye doctor's office. DD managed to try on about 1/3 of the kids' choices of glasses (the only ones she didn't try on were the obviously boy ones and the obviously too small ones!) and was quite quick to say "no way" or "maybe." She ended up with a stack of about 8 styles in the "maybe" pile that she then had to go through trying on again a couple of times to make new piles of "most likely nots" and "most likely yeses" before narrowing it down to one pair. Oh, and it wasn't just how the glasses looked on her face (she did pay attention to that too though, very much) but she had to see what designs were on the temple (side) pieces as well. Of course, anyone that knows DD, knows she picked out a pink pair of glasses. And I was really proud of DS (who had spent the picking-out time sitting in the waiting room with the occasional pop-in to see if we were done yet) who on the way home asked DD what color she picked out and then said, "I bet you'll look really good in those." And it was said in a nice, sincere tone. Gotta love it when your kids get along!

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