Friday, September 5, 2008


Well, I haven't mentioned much about the kids lately as the floor project has consumed so much of our lives. But on Thursday my DD brought home a project she was very, very proud of. According to her, they had worked on these projects for 5 days at school and she was very excited to get to bring it home to show me. It was a piece of green construction paper divided up into sections into which they put down their favorite item under each category. Under most categories were pictures cut out of magazines: food----ice cream; color----pink; place to be----little girl running through a sprinkler; holiday----picture of jack-o-lanterns for Halloween; sport----swimming. For the final category she wrote down (instead of putting a picture) what is her favorite: school activity----math, speleen. Yes, she actually wrote "speleen" instead of "spelling" and you can imagine how hard it was to not show the irony of that on my face as I praised her for her good work on her project.

DS came home extremely excited from school yesterday as well.....which, for those of you that know my DS, is a rare occurrence. At the kids' school they do announcements over the TVs in the classrooms. So the kids are actually doing the announcements each morning (like a little mini TV newscast). The older students are chosen to present the announcements and the younger students get to take turns in groups leading the Pledge of Allegiance. DS does not like to get up in front of people to give presentations and so was extremely thrilled that yesterday, today, and all of next week he is in charge of running the camera for the announcements. So not only does he not have to be in front of the camera where people can see him, he gets to, as he puts it, "work with technology." All in all, even with the hassle of the floor, a happy week for both kids.

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