Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Tastes Like Chicken.....Or Does It???

Thanksgiving was busy this year....which explains why it is December 2nd before I have gotten around to posting this. But the holiday provided amusement as well as busy-ness. When she was little, DD used to eat turkey. Then she suddenly decided she didn't like it and there was no changing her mind....and no way was she even going to try it again. Well, on Thanksgiving this year she decided to try it. She slowly took a bite...ever so tiny of a bite....then her eyes lit up and she said, "Hey, I like it!" She then proceeded to eat the rest of the bite I had given her, ask for more, and eat all of that as well. We had our "big Thanksgiving meal" at my parents' house for lunch, which is when DD tried the turkey. So, of course, we had left-overs for supper there that evening as well.....and DD requested even more turkey. At supper she made the comment that she was surprised at how good it tasted and that she was surprised she liked it, stating, "It doesn't even taste like turkey!" That, of course, got my attention. I asked her that if that didn't taste like turkey to her, then how did she think it was going to taste? She replied, "I thought it would taste feathery." Obviously no one has explained to her about plucking the bird before it's cooked and eaten! She wasn't done commenting yet though....she went on to say, "I also thought it would be really gross since it comes from inside the turkey.....you know, where all of the gross stuff is!" Of course my dad decides to pipe up at this point and ask me if he needs to explain about chick....I stopped him before he got the whole word out. DD eats chicken and I don't want her to stop eating it if she gets too many details about it (I stopped eating it for a long time as a kid after getting the "privilege" of helping a family friend get some "fresh" chickens ready for frying once). I also wouldn't let him explain about hamburgers. So next time you all eat turkey, be glad it doesn't taste like turkey.....you know....not "feathery!"

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