Monday, December 15, 2008

Do Angels Wear Cowgirl Boots?

OK, so I haven't posted in a's been crazy-busy here. Between DS with his swim lessons, Cub Scouts, and computer science workshops, and DD with her piano lessons, church musical rehearsals, Daisy Scouts, school musical perfomance, piano recital, and finally the church musical performance last's been a madhouse of activity. I'm glad that after this week we will have 2 weeks to relax a bit & catch our breaths. Now for the 3 major activities of the past week....

DD's school performance on Thursday went well. She was very tired (she doesn't do well with late nights....she will actually ask to go to bed early sometimes!) and I could tell. No smiles up on stage, glaring at the child next to her when he didn't do exactly what he was supposed to do....but she sang & did the motions. The amusing part of the evening was when the kids were supposed to sway back and forth to the beat of one song. Now how the music teachers ever thought they were ever going to get 120 first-graders to all sway in the same direction, I don't know....they were all over the place. DD decided to take matters into her own hands with the fact that the boy next to her was going the wrong way. So when she went towards him as he swayed towards her....BUMP! She made him go the right way (and yes, it was obvious she was being deliberate about it!). Luckily she didn't knock him over.

Next came DD's piano recital on Friday. She has been taking lessons since March and this was her 2nd recital. The first one was only about 6 weeks after she started lessons and did not go so well. It, like this one, did not start until 7pm and her turn to go didn't come until about 7:45 (bedtime!). Well, she wouldn't go up and play....until we finally convinced her to do it if I went up there and sat next to the piano. Then she did quite well. Now 2 weeks after this she played in the school talent front of over 700 people and did quite well (without me!)....but it was also at 9:30 in the morning! So this time around her piano teacher knew to place her much earlier in the recital.....she was 4th on the list. DD had also requested that I play one song as a duet with her, so we played that one first. Then I went back to my seat as she played her other song by herself. She played beautifully! A much better experience than her first recital!

Now on to Sunday's church musical performance. DD played an angel in the musical. The performance started at 6pm (a much better time for DD!). She was very full of smiles....for most of the time. She did very well with the singing & choreography. She was so excited to get to wear an angel costume....the satiny dress, the beautiful wings, the sparkling halo, the added glitter in the hair (which I'm sure to find in her bed linens for a while now!)......and at the last minute I did remember what footwear she had worn over to the church building! Luckily I caught her and had her remove that footwear because.....I really don't think angels wear pink cowgirl boots!

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Anonymous said...

Oh--but why not. Have you SEEN an angel to see what is on their feet? I see an angel everytime I look at DD and she would have been SOooooooo cute up there in her pink boots. Just think---she would have been the delight of the entire audience when they saw those boots. :)
Grandma loves DD.