Monday, April 5, 2010

It's Monday!

Yep, it's Monday. Definitely Monday. One of "those" days. Yep. What a way to start the week. I'm sure you're wondering what happened....especially as it's only 9am on this particular Monday. Well, both kids had a part in this one.

Neither child could find their sneakers this morning. And both of them have gym class today. Which, of course, means that both of them need their sneakers today. I don't know how they do it, but it seems that if they both need something on a particular day, then both of them will have "lost" that item. Go figure. So, of course, neither realized this until it was time to head out to the bus stop this morning to go to school. So there was a lot of frantic looking all over the house.....with no luck! So I sent DD off to school in her Crocs with the promise that I would continue looking for her shoes & bring them to her if I found them. I gave up looking for DS's and called my parents. We had been at their house this weekend for Easter. Guess what!!??!! YEP!! DS's shoes are at my parents' hour away from here!

So what did we do to solve this problem? Well, I sent DS to school in his sandals. For gym class? For that, I sent his very old, too-small, missing-the-shoestrings-sneakers (which are in very pitiful shape considering he used them all last summer to wear when he mowed the grass & other such stuff) in a bag with him to use just during gym class. And to solve the missing-shoestrings problem? Good ol' duct tape of course! So, yes, my son will be wearing duct-taped falling-apart shoes for gym class today (and for who-knows how long considering his better shoes are currently an hour away!). Ah, the joy of children.

Oh, and for DD? I finally remembered that she had last worn her sneakers on spring school picture day last Thursday....carrying her sandals that she was going to wear for the pictures in a bag to be able to change into them later in the day. Then I remembered that she had come home Thursday wearing the sandals, not the sneakers! I finally found her sneakers this morning in a bag under her bed and was able to take them to her at school. At least one of my children will be wearing shoes with laces for gym class today!

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